07/2017: Circle Exercise

I’ve been reading through an excellent ballpoint-pen art book that provides inspirational ideas and exercises to jump-start your creativity. This exercise involve drawing several circular pictures and filling them with various patterns and designs. I filled the whole page with a grid of circles and gradually worked my way through each one. It was interesting to experience how drawing a few preliminary details could spark a lot of creative suggestions as to what the image would eventually become. The third circle from the top in the middle column was originally going to be a simple, shaded circle. As I started adding some shading, it began to look like the inside of a cylindrical object. This led to some perspective detail in the background, turning the image into an elephant nosing his trunk toward the viewer.

“How to Draw with a Ballpoint Pen” by Gecko Keck – https://www.amazon.com/How-Draw-Ballpoint-Pen-Instruction/dp/163159317X


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