07/2017: City in Two-Point Perspective

I’ve recently started learning about perspective in drawing. This was done while watching an excellent tutorial on two-point perspective. The process of drawing in perspective (which give the viewer a sense of realistic space/depth/height) is a surprisingly simple and logical. By placing a horizon line with two vanishing points at either end (hence the term ‘two-point’) you have established two nodes that every non-vertical line in the drawing will refer to. If a building terminates above or below the horizon line (where the roads disappear in the distance), you will be looking up/down to it accordingly. Every line coming off the vertical center line of each building will be angled such that it is pointing to either vanishing point, depending on which direction it is facing. You can easily establish a basic skyline with this simple method and add in details as you go.

Circle Line Art School –


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