07/2017: The Argonath

Ah, the Lord of the Rings; an endless compendium that has inspired music, literature, and art of all forms. You may have seen some sketches of LOTR scenes that have a very particular, aged look to them. It’s likely that such pieces were drawn by Alan Lee, whose illustrations adorned a publication of the series. He also contributed principle designs to the film sets of the most recent movie trilogy (his artwork was the basis for much of the character and environmental detail that was incorporated in the films). For this drawing, I wanted to copy an image that is on the back of Alan’s inspiring book, “The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook”. The image is one of The Argonath, the two enormous statues that enclose the Anduin river’s entrance to northern Gondor. I believe this particular statue is of Elendil, the father of Isildur, who is famous for almost defeating Sauron and destroying the ring, but was overcome by the temptation to own its power, lending the historic term “Isildur’s Bane” to the ring itself. I am happy with how this figures’ outstretched hand came out as well as some of the detail on his sword, armor, and cloak. I’m finding fabric folds to be a serious challenge and they have very little definitive shape and are usually covered with many shapes and shading possibilities.

“The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook” by Alan Lee –


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