Sketch Gallery

This gallery is a chronology of my efforts to learn the craft of sketch and pen drawings. Here, you will find a collection of images that I’ve drawn along the way, some from imagination and many others from the guidance of another image or instructional tutorial. My purpose for this page is similar to the blog’s primary intent; to enjoy the creative process before an audience that can help to keep me accountable and motivated. Click here for the longer story. Enjoy! I intend to do the same.

Note: Newer images are at the top and get older moving left-to-right. I’ve been drawing a lot lately so check back here often for new content (I hope to average one new drawing a week). Click on an image for a description and (where applicable) a link to the video or image I referenced while drawing. Some of the great resources I’ve used so far include the YouTube channels of Alphonso Dunn, Circle Line Art SchoolMark Crilley, and The Virtual Instructor.




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