About Me

Tales tell of a man whose birth is shrouded in mystery and wonder.

Tales tell of a man whose very existence causes others to question, in whispered and trembling tones, if they can call themselves men…They cannot.

Tales tell of a man whose power is best measured by what he leaves in his wake, much as a broad and ancient crater still bears testimony to the great and terrible force of the meteor, though it has long since been immobilized.

What does such a man leave in his wake? Once mighty and tyrannical empires, aflame and crumbling; mercenaries, former enemies of the good, now sucking their thumbs, nursing broken bones, and stumbling towards truth and virtue in their renewed hearts; legions of loyal citizens, rescued countless times from the long-fingered clutches of evil by this one man, teaching their neighbors, elders, and children to forever carry his mission to leave earth and its citizens better than he found it.

This man is none other than Captain Planet. And he is peering through the TV at a wiry boy laying on the floor watching Saturday morning cartoons.

The child is in his glory. His face is plastered with bits of Honey Comb and dried milk trails, his bowl-cut wad of hair seems to have endured an electric shot-gun blast to one side, and his feet are hopelessly entangled in a web of black Nintendo controller cables as he reclines on the floor before the television, sunning himself in its early-morning glow.

That would be me.

They say “youth is wasted on the young” but I respectfully disagree. I like to think I cashed-in on every penny of it before they realized they needed to kick me out to stay in business.

I grew up in a small suburb on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I never acquired a Boston accent though both of my parents and a contingent of the folks in my town did. Not quite sure why I wasn’t endowed with that pattern of tongue but I can deal.

I was born in 1988 and have only recently begun to believe that 1990’s began more than ten years
ago. I had a great childhood, a rather strange adolescence (wait, you did too?), an enriching college life, and while I may have approached post-college adulthood with the skepticism of a potential homeowner, I’ve decided to buy and have been happy with the purchase.

I have an amazing wife. We were married in the Fall of 2012, surrounded by friends and family who love us dearly. If love and friendship are the currency of the heart then we are the wealthiest on the earth.

Here are some other tidbits you might like to know about me, mixed with some good-ol’ philosophical rhetoric:

  • I play the drums and guitar. I truly enjoy a wide variety of music. If you have any artists you would recommend for me to check out, please tell me!
  • I worked as a Music Therapist for a little while and realized I was not a good fit for me. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant in an office and really enjoy it. I’m not kidding. I nerd it up on spreadsheets and find it very fulfilling.
  • I got to know Jesus in high school.
  • I enjoy woodworking. The first project I made was a cajon (a box-shaped percussion instrument), then a few other musical instruments and have most recently been working on furniture and small cabinetry projects.
  • The greatest lesson I learned in music school was not how to write or perform music but how to listen to it.
  • I have spent most of my life experience trying to figure out if I should be viewing life as black-and-white or gray. I still don’t know what color it is but I do know that I’ve gone blind trying to figure it out.
You will perhaps learn the most about me by reading the posts of this blog. No that’s not just a cleverly disguised ploy to influence you to become a regular reader. It’s a true statement. And here is why.