We don’t have a big home, but we have a home
There aren’t too many rooms to heat, but we have rooms to heat
We don’t have a lot of money, but still we have some money
Nor is there fancy food to eat, and yet there is food to eat

Though riches have their grandeur, we have what is grander
We don’t have too many things, but indeed we do have many things
No gilded clothes upon our backs, but there are clothes upon our backs
Others may not our praises sing, but with reason for praises we often sing

We’ve no space to flee from each other, but alas we have space to be with each other
A hungry soul thinks it desires more stuff, but a hunger-slaked soul no longer desires more stuff
The quantity is small of our heart’s contents, but quantity does not make our hearts content
They say if we had more we would have enough, yet what more could be had since we have enough?


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