Wake up!

Wake up! Today could be the best day yet!

See the light peeking through your shades? Arise! Let fly those nylon barriers and let the bed-room of your soul experience the pain and the joy of the birth of today.

No more the soft comforts of pillows!

No more the idle warmth of those womb-like blankets!

Let sleep give what it can deliver yet not rob what it could take.

“Come!” beckons creation around you. “Come forth and seize life. Gently flee from sleep and fiercely smuggle the dreams of night into the living day.”

The sun will invite but will not command
For preserving free will, God does demand
The invited in question may surely respond
With a ready embrace or a shrug and a yawn
For the greatest of days, the embracer may find
Or the greatest of days, may the sleeper decline
So come, seize life, before it is past!
Awake! Rise now, while the invite still lasts!


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